Best Personal Financial Websites for 2022

Are you wondering about the “New Normal” and hoping to get back to life as it was?  It’s hard to know what the future is going to look like at this point, but what we can count on is ongoing change. As Benjamin Disraeli once said “Change is inevitable. Change is constant.” The best personal financial websites of 2022 will provide some insight to the “new normal”.

Best-Personal-Financial-Websites-for-2022While we all become better students of change and sharpen our adaptability skills, let’s remember to focus on our present, what we DO have. And what we CAN do about it.

For starters this is a good time to look at a the best personal financial websites for 2022 that can offer solid current advice having the constancy and dependability of decades behind them, and the nimbleness to change along with the ongoing shifting events and times.   

A few favorites are:


Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long track record of helping people make smart financial choices. I subscribed to this company decades ago and received their handy financial newsletter chuck full of personal consumer financial advice for years. Now you have all their resources and information in one place on their website.

Read what they have to offer for 2022… 

A start of a new year can be very stressful as many people are still financially recovering from the effects of the pandemic, especially lower-income families. About 41% of U.S. adults said they’d be willing to go into debt, or deeper into debt, for shopping. Unfortunately, debt makes it even harder for these families to achieve strong financial health. 

This is why our team at Bankrate created a guide for 2022 including..

  • A list of seasonal and flexible jobs (including some that do not require a car)
  • Scams to avoid such as fake job postings
  • Advice for 2022 spending
  • Financial assistance resources for 2022

You can view the Bankrate guide here…

   Credit Rescue Now Inc.

Helping Consumers Understand Credit Scores and Credit Rights- Offering Credit Report Repair and Restoration.

Michael Ramos, a Consumer Advocate, and his team have been helping consumers in NM and nationwide for over 30 years. 

Visit the Credit Rescue Now website

I have used and referred this company over the years and am always impressed with the solid, honest and authentic help provided by their services and personal financial resources. Most impressive is their  ability to recover funds  for their clients.

Holidays are a very ripe time for Identity Theft, as well as credit card chaos and debt once again.

If you or someone you know is struggling with debt issues during this time, be careful with your online searches. It’s very difficult to know who to trust.  Check out the services available at Credit Rescue Inc. for trustworthy advice for 2022. 

   The Penny Hoarder

Visit the Penny Hoarder website here…

This may be the youngest of the 3 resources, being founded in 2010, but clearly one of the nation’s largest personal finance websites. I subscribe to their newsletter and get a daily dose of personal finance advice and resources on making money, managing money, shopping, saving, investing, answers for Social Security and divorce issues and so much more.  All of which I love to pass on.  

You’ll find 21 Free Things to Do During the Holidays.

Clearly there are dozens and hundreds more personal financial resources that could be added to this list, but for now I’d like to recommend these three mature, resources you can use throughout the year.

Now take time to focus on your finances and the positive changes you look forward to in the coming year. 

Stay flexible and safe during 2022. And remember to “Become a student of change.

Change is the only thing that will remain constant.”
          — Anthony J. D’Angelo.