Why it Pays to Stay Healthy

In light of the uncertainties of health insurance plans, it pays to stay healthy this 2018.

It pays to stay healthy...While it’s a generally known fact that a healthy lifestyle constitutes a longer life, it may be more encouraging for readers to know the numbers. Health IQ details the findings related to health conscious people, showing that they have a 41 percent lower mortality overall. These individuals have benefits that aren’t just limited to the physical aspect, but also in emotional and mental aspects. Since there are no health conditions that plague the mind, a healthy life is often linked with positivity and a stable mental condition.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle saves you a lot of money in the long run, even though at a glance, it may seem more costly. For instance, people assume healthy food is more expensive, which is why they would purchase cheaper, less healthy alternatives in order to make their food budgets last longer. It is common for people to look at the price of a product as an indicator of its healthfulness.

However, nutritional value has nothing to do with price, as it’s a matter of shopping for the right items. A Consumer Reports article detailed some ways for shopping smarter, such as studying the labels and buying in season. If you’re on the lookout for healthy food, search for products that are low in saturated trans fats and sodium, but offer large values of nutrients. If you’re buying fruits and vegetables, purchase the ones in season since they’re cheaper.

Subsequently, healthy diets encourage people to drop expensive habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, or eating at restaurants. One common practice of health-conscious individuals is that they prefer to do their own cooking, since it allows them to control and make decisions on nutrition intake.

Of course, eating healthy isn’t enough, because incorporating a regular exercise routine is just as important. LifeHack cites an example of how exercise helps you save money, mentioning that an active lifestyle encourages a person to choose outdoor activities over indoor habits. Instead of spending money on a cinema experience with the family, you can opt to have a picnic at the park or play sports, both of which are often free.

Being invested in your health will prevent you from getting emergency medical treatments in the future, and therefore will make you worry less about health costs. But of course, it is still wise to secure a suitable health plan for yourself and your family.

Knowing your options

To reduce premium costs, some insurance companies offer policies that encourage people to become healthier. For example, companies may charge smokers up to 50 percent more for health plans. They may also lower the costs if people visit the gym for a certain number of times. Clients also have the choice to increase their deductibles so that they can lower their monthly premiums. It’s a type of plan that will certainly be a breeze for those in excellent health.

While waiting for better news about the country’s current health care situation, what people can do for 2018 is improve their healthy habits. It does pay to stay healthy, and will prevent the anguish of mulling over huge medical bills in the future.