Off-Season Steals — Ways to Save by Buying Against the Grain

Sometimes the early bird does not get the worm when it comes to shopping. If you are looking to tighten your budget, it may pay off to to be a little late. From booking off-season flights to buying summer clothes in winter, here are a few unseasonable purchase ideas that will help you find new ways to save.

Finding Ways To SaveDo the Math

A great method of saving money is to let the numbers work for you. Retailers estimate a certain number of sales based on the previous year’s sales in addition to a daunting number of other factors, such as the rate of employment, the stock market and the estimated gross profit margin. This often leads to overstocking. Since the in-style fashions change as quickly as the seasons, this is the perfect time to launch your attack and find new ways to save.

If you normally spend $200 on new clothing in the summer, in the months of January and February, the costs of items like sweaters and outerwear drop because most people have already bought these items for the season. However, you do run the risk of the clearance racks having been picked through and the selection running thin.

The last winter months are also the prime time to purchase summertime recreation and family fun items like games, toys, and swimming accessories. The difference in price on these items equates to hundreds of dollars in savings. Likewise, winter sports gear and clothing are priced most reasonably in the months of March and April, according to The Cheat Sheet. The rush for items like snowboards and skis, which are popular Christmas gifts, has subsided, and the retailers are looking to dump the remaining stock. Additionally, gym memberships like these LA gyms, are at their peak in the month of January due to New Year’s resolutions; however, they predictably fall off around March.

Check the Calendar

Another aspect to consider when making off-season purchases and finding ways to save is scheduling your shopping trips based on the day of the week when you can save the most money. Although it may seem far-fetched, evidence obtained by and reported by Time shows that certain items cost less on certain days of the week, particularly if you’re shopping online. For instance, swimsuits frequently go on sale on Sundays, and the average savings is more than 50 percent. If you’re looking for a matching pair of sunglasses, though, you should wait until Monday, as sunglasses are marked down as much as 55 percent on that day of the week.

Sacrifice to Save

If you are planning a vacation, you want to go when the weather is perfect and there are lots of entertaining things to do. However, airlines recognize these factors and hike prices accordingly. You may have to sacrifice ideal circumstances to save some money. You may have to deal with the risk of a little rain or the closure of the more popular tourist attractions renowned in your destination, but you will have more money left over to explore the less touristy sites and activities.