What I learned from Doing Nothing

Sometimes there’s more to doing nothing than meets the eye.

If you or someone you know may be facing some forced down time, you might be interested in my recent experience shared below.

This is the holiday season and that time when life seems to ratchet up.  You may be starting to feel those familiar pangs of stress – having too much to do and unrealistic expectations for getting it all done.  Not to mention the impact on your finances.

For myself, going crazy during the holidays has not been part of my pattern. In fact, this holiday season there will be even less stress than usual as I adapt to the new “Less is More” approach.   

However, for most of my life I HAVE been the type to rigidly lock on to habits and routines, especially around good health patterns. Patterns such as making sure I exercised regularly with my morning walk and weekly gym classes, eating very consciously, and addressing any new health issue with more resolve and consistent routines.

Even with all that resolve, extra stretches, diligence and dependable focused personality, I had to accept that there was very little that was going to change the pain from the bone on bone situation with my hip the last few years, even though I’m the type who keeps trying.  

It’s hard to believe it is now three months since I had hip replacement surgery and some real forced down time.  What a totally different experience when having to stop everything and depend entirely on others.

You can ask my husband, who loves his relaxing time, I am not the type to just stop. 

Granted, I had sent out emails to huge lists of family and friends globally asking them to add me to their prayer networks, just to cover all bases.

With the spirit of Thanksgiving not too far behind, I have nothing but gratitude for those prayers and the powerful results and gifts of services that I received. 

There was something very calming and clearing about going into an extended personal hibernation mode and doing “nothing”. Well, actually it seemed like “nothing”.  However, I realize there was a LOT going on. My body was using the ongoing rest, quiet time and inactivity for doing some major healing. Mentally, I was also going through some major adjustments.

So, what did I learn from “Doing Nothing”?

  • There is so much to be grateful for in terms of family and friends, great technology, wonderful medical professionals, plus incredible and generous community services. I had a lot more time to really take that generosity in and have profound appreciation.
  • Even greater appreciation for my husband, who literally went above and beyond in so many ways, including the morning and evening routine of putting on and removing those impossible compression stockings for so many weeks. I was awed by his dedication.
  • I actually could let go of my rigid approach and beliefs about healthy eating and exercising and especially productivity. The first was going through weeks and weeks of eating whatever I was fed while at the skilled nursing facility and then Meals on Wheels and letting go of what I would and would not eat attitude. Next was accepting that it was okay to just do basic physical therapy movements and nothing else. I finally let everything just be what it was and relaxed about it. Surprisingly, in the meantime after two months, I had not really gained or lost any significant weight.
  • Some things can just wait. Clients were very understanding and worked around it. You, my subscription community would hopefully be happy to hear from me after a mini newsletter sabbatical. The household routines could all just wait, including the ones my husband just could not get to.
  • Reading the same good book two times in a row while resting in bed for a long time can be a treat.
  • Very little money gets spent. With no driving, or meetings, networking, coffee stops or shopping, it’s amazing how few expenses there are to record and how much money is saved.
  • And finally, getting clear that my real business joy is coaching people and guiding them through manageable and successful budgeting techniques. Over the years, there has been a lot of other busywork involved with my business.  It’s a relief to get such clarifying confirmation regarding what is the most satisfying and meaningful way to spend my time. And knowing what activities to definitely let go of.

If you ever have a chance to experience some major down time, pay attention to and enjoy what you learn during that unusual period.

I look forward to continuing to do the work I love the most and having the opportunity to help you reach your budgeting goals for 2018. Please don’t hesitate to reach out for support this next year. There are many options for meeting your budget and personal needs. 

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