Your Personal Budget Coaching Options

3 Options to Get You Moving Forward…


1... Learn about the Jumpstart Financial Action Plan     2... Learn about Monthly Budget Worksheet Setup Coaching     3... Learn about the Starter Kit Deluxe Coaching Package


Personal Budget Coaching
My Personal Budget Coaching Services can provide you with personalized guidance for your unique situation. Budget coaching will help you achieve financial stability, gain confidence as you move forward, and you can count on my accountability coaching to help you stay on track. 


Personal Budget Coaching “I’ll bring my twenty-five plus years of budget-counseling experience to the virtual table with you — via phone, or Skype. I have literally and virtually sat at hundreds of kitchen tables in different states and countries over the years — assisting people of all economic and age ranges.” 


You don’t have to struggle through this alone. Allow me to guide and support you through this process with experience, understanding and patience.

First… let’s talk.

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You can discuss your current financial situation with confidence and confidentiality. Working t
ogether, we can fit you with a coaching package that
dives into specific areas. We’ll find out where you need help most.


Experience the freedom and exhilaration of finally understanding your finances, having your money under your personal control, and savoring your new savings.


“We just celebrated our 17th anniversary and as we were reflecting on our journey so far, we both realized that this is the first time in our marriage we have both felt truly positive about the financial dynamics between us. Judy has been instrumental in this process. We have more clarity and more conversations about how we spend and save. Judy’s budget coaching has been a really positive investment in our relationship.”
      –––   Stefanie & Dan Robbins

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Personal Budget Coaching

3 Options To Choose From…


1   JumpStart Financial Action Plan

A Customized Personal Budget Coaching Package

For those of you who may not be ready to just dive into creating your new personal budget system, who could use more One on One time discussing your personal and household dynamics, relationships and multiple “moving financial parts,” this customized coaching package may be a good fit. Let’s talk and find out…

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The JumpStart Financial Action Plan
3 hours of coaching over approx. one month.
And we can move forward at your own pace…

ou’ll get One Additional Hour FREE!
4 Hours of coaching for the Cost of 3 Hours

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The “JumpStart Financial Action Plan”
can work for you…



2   Monthly Budget Worksheets

Set-up Budget Coaching

A 90-Minute session with Judy for $139

Learn How To Set Up Your Monthly Budget WorkSheet

If your current Monthly Budget is still missing something, or you feel you need a bit more fine tuning on your current budget, and are ready to look at some tools and suggestions to get you there, this is the coaching for you.

Finally, you can take financial control, as I guide you through your setup of the Budget Kit “Monthly Budget Worksheet” tool. — Judy

Now Only $139

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Here’s what you’ll receive in One On One Budget Coaching:

One On One Budget Coaching

  • A 90-minute live session with me.
  • We’ll focus completely on the steps and tools for creating and maintaining your own unique monthly budget.
  • You’ll learn how to incorporate other tools or apps currently being used.
  • Watch how your financial information will be set up and organized using a shared online screen.
  • Receive a recording of our conversation and activity shown on the screen for our 90-minute session.

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For more in-depth personal discussion and creative options
regarding your personal and financial circumstances, you may want to start with The JumpStart Action Plan. Together, we can create a more full-range and effective personalized budget for you.


3   Starter Kit Deluxe Package

With Set-up Coaching
75 Minutes of Budget Coaching with Judy for $125

Learn How To Set Up Your Budget Kit Worksheets

If you are just starting on a new budget and looking at “The Budget Kit” Workbook with its variety of Worksheets and wondering about the differences of each Worksheet, and how best to utilize them for your own situation, this is the place to start.

Now Only $125

Includes: the The Budget Kit Workbook and Excel Worksheets
+ 75 Minutes of Worksheet Set-up Coaching with Judy

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for the Starter Kit Deluxe Package

You’ll spend your 75-Minute session learning your way around The Budget Kit Excel Worksheets, and how to set up a system that works for you.  I can guide you to the sections of the The Budget Kit Workbook that are most important in getting you off to a great start with your budgeting.
— Judy

How personal budget coaching benefits you…

My Money Tracker Personal Budget Coaching Packages benefit people like you: Individuals, Couples, Single Parents, Seniors, Boomers, Gen Xers, Professionals, Solopreneurs and others who:

  • Are tired of working hard, making good money, yet have little to show for it
  • Have tried other systems, programs, software, and books, yet you’re still not satisfied
  • Want to stop the financial chaos and get a grip on your personal finances
  • Are feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and anxious about money
  • Are tired of constantly dealing with debt and never being able to save
  • Are experiencing stress in your personal relationships because of money
  • Want to learn how to be proactive versus reactive while managing  your budget
  • Want money management tools that you can use and adapt for the rest of your life
  • Are ready to change and want more financial peace of mind, confidence, control and sense of personal stewardship and responsibility.
  • Want to finally be fully present and available mentally and emotionally for your family, friends, work and colleagues.

My Money Tracker Budget Coaching Programs can also serve you if you are:

  • Recently divorced or widowed, and struggling to handle all the new financial responsibilities
  • Worried about a possible job loss or downsize and want to be prepared
  • Have fluctuating income and expenses and no system for managing either
  • Desiring to be better prepared for retirement
  • Wanting to plan ahead for college education, buying a new home or car
  • Needing to prepare for a marriage or new baby

Take advantage of my FREE 30-Minute Phone Consultation, during which we can discuss your current financial situation with confidence and confidentiality.
Together we can
design a Personal Coaching Package that fits your specific needs.

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Other Consulting Services Provided by Judy

Divorce and Court Appointed Financial Services

  • In the past,  New Mexico Family Court Judges appointed Judy as a 706 Expert to set up realistic budgets for divorcing couples, help determine alimony needs or other financial budgeting concerns as specified by the courts, lawyers or clients.  Appointed as Special Master for small business concerns.
  • Lawyers utilize Judy’s services to help their clients learn how to develop a budget and determine what their financial needs will be for alimony purposes as well as completing discovery documents.
  • Divorcing individuals often use her help when they are needing extra emotional support and basic assistance as they organize their papers, finances and divorce papers.
  • Find Out More About Divorce Financial Services.

Contact Judy for more details.