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Personal Budget Coaching
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The JumpStart Financial Action Plan

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With many of my clients, this plan has paid for itself in a matter of months. If you’re ready now to invest in yourself,
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First, click the green button below to set up your free consultation with me. You can discuss your current financial situation with confidence and confidentiality… and with no obligation.

During our conversation, if you decide to move forward you can choose The JumpStart Plan, or we can customize a plan that better suits your needs and your budget.


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Testimonials From Coaching Clients

This initial consultation is all about discovering whether my coaching services are right for you. We’ll talk about your unique situation and create a personalized coaching plan that works best for your day to day lifestyle. All you have to do is click the button above, send in the form, and let’s talk…

Customize Your Personal BudgetWhat you can expect with…

The JumpStart
Financial Action Plan


  • Private coaching phone and online sessions (individually or as a couple) running 30, 60 or 90 minutes, until we reach 4 hours total.
    • The length of our sessions can be determined by your availability of time and energy for the customized budget project we are working on.
  • My assistance with setting up your “Yearly Budget Worksheet” and “Monthly Budget Worksheet while we are on the phone and on a screen-share internet online platform.
  • A sense of hand holding, accountability, and peace of mind — knowing you are in good hands as you work your way through this process of creating a customized budget plan that fits your personal budget needs.

Recommended Process

Time Frame: 4 Full Hours of personalized budget coaching (at your pace)
The total hours can be used in varying 30-minute increments (30, 60, 90 minutes) and are usually completed within a month. Includes email support.
Materials Needed: The Budget Kit Workbook in print or eBook.
The Budget Kit Excel Spreadsheets
If you do not have this package it will be emailed to you before our first coaching session. Be sure to let me know…

My JumpStart Financial Action Plan is for you, if you …

  • Have tried budgets before, or are new to budgeting, and ready to get started with your own personal budget plan that works for you (and your family).
  • Want to discuss your personal circumstances privately and safely, and in more depth, and then learn how to apply new tools and behaviors for managing your finances more effectively.
  • Have used other systems, yet still feel each was missing something and you’re now ready for finding that missing link.
  • Realize you work best with an accountability coach.
  • Already own a copy of the print or eBook version of the Budget Kit Workbook and the Budget Kit Excel Spreadsheets, and are ready to review both before coaching begins. *
  • Are ready to truly utilize all the powerful tools and concepts available in the Budget Kit Workbook.
* If you do not have your copies of The Budget Kit Workbook and Worksheets, please let me know and the package will be emailed to you (free of charge) before our first coaching session.
This is by far my most popular package for getting started with a personalized budget plan. We’ll spend a total of 3 (now 4) hours together (using 30, 60 or 90 minute sessions) over a one-month period.

Talk with Judy now and get started!

Set Up Your…  
Free 30-Minute Consultation

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What You Will Gain…

Benefit 1 – Less Stress – During our time together, we’ll take time to discuss your financial situation, your concerns, possible sense of shame or embarrassment, issues with procrastination, plus previous successes and challenges. All, while crafting a customized basic budget on the screen, based on your current finances and personal values and priorities.

Benefit 2 – More Clarity – Seeing your financial picture outlined in black and white in front of you will help you more easily and clearly understand and manage your finances now and in the future.  

Benefit 3 – Greater Confidence and Financial Peace of Mind – This is a solid start for getting your basic budget together and greater mindfulness around money. Finally, you will be getting some answers and gaining confidence as you move forward.  

Benefit 4 – Momentum – You’ll finally be past that procrastination stage and be more poised to move forward with a basic and understandable system and a plan. With this momentum you will be laying the groundwork for all future budgets, adaptable to address all those personal life changes.

Once we’ve completed your budget or reached a solid foundation for finalizing your budget during our time together…

You can take it from there…

OR… now that you feel more motivated, this may be the time for some ongoing Accountability Coaching. You have options:

  • Here’s a preview… We can discuss what may work best for you as we work together and finish up your initial JumpStart program. 
  • We can continue with more coaching time together, receiving more regular accountability with me for staying on track and creating a more complete financial action plan. This time allows you to more deeply take on the new concepts, attitude and behavioral shifts and more.  
  • We can develop a more robust customized financial action plan and money management system for you that prepares you to more successfully manage and anticipate your varying monthly cash flow, emergencies, surprise expenses, debt, savings goals and more. 
  • Let’s get those new tools, knowledge and skills anchored for a few months (or as long as you need) and prepare you for flying solo.

Your Options at Your Pace…
What Personal Ongoing Accountability Support Can Provide…

  •  Private accountability coaching phone and online sessions (individually or as a couple) running 30 minutes to 1.5 hours over a period of your choosing.
    • Again, we will be online and reviewing your worksheets and your numbers together or taking time to just talk about your latest worries or concerns, or the latest emergency, or changes and then explore options.  
    • These follow-up and check-in sessions will work around your availability of time and energy for the project we are working on.
  •  Assistance with using and adjusting your “Yearly Budget Worksheet” and “Monthly Budget Worksheet” as needed, as well as blending in other financial Apps and software to maximize your results.
  •  An outline of a comprehensive monthly spending plan that will work with your unique situation integrating your various spending avenues (automatic deductions, checks, online bill pay, Pay Pal, debits, cash and ATMs).  
    • You will learn how to know exactly where you stand financially on a weekly and monthly basis giving you more clarity when making those spending, saving and paying off debt decisions.
  •  Regular accountability phone sessions to anchor your new tools, knowledge and skills.
  •  Greater awareness and insights of the way you think and feel about your finances and your behavioral spending patterns.


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