Judy Understands the Whole Person

I’m a 30 year-year-old female engineer. I worked with Judy over the course of about two years – I first reached out for some help with getting organized about budgeting, and had some follow up calls to check in with progress.  She gave me the structure, support, and accountability I needed.  What I really appreciate about working with Judy is her ability and approach towards understanding the whole person (background, current situation, blockages, etc.) and tailoring the process accordingly.  This is the

An Engineer from New York, NY

A Knowledgeable Money Coach That Listened

We recently completed a package with Judy. We each came into the relationship with poor budgeting skills and opposing money habits that often lead to conflict. Having a knowledgeable money coach that listened, took us where we were, and gave insight and skills that enabled us overcome our challenges helped us change course, individually and as a couple. We’ve been diligent with our budgeting thus far and have found a handful of smaller opportunity areas that when added up save

Michael and Susan, Riverton, NJ

The Investment Easily Pays for Itself

Our money problems were causing negative impacts beyond just dollars and cents. Our stress levels were elevated and there was constant fighting and blaming. Overall, we were not a peaceful or happy family. We are very lucky to have found Judy because she was able to address the relationship and monetary issues that were so tightly intertwined in this case. This holistic approach was essential and seems to be rare in the marketplace. Judy worked with us to establish a

A family of three from Wilton, CT

Your Budgeting Techniques Have Revolutionized Our Financial Lives

My wife and I have used your book “The Budget Kit” book for several years now and have become quite good at controlling our income and expenses using this wonderful book- thanks to you! Your budgeting techniques have revolutionized our financial lives and we are grateful to you, to say the

Andrew Hardin

Judy Was There As a Coach, Mentor, and Encourager

My wife and I met Judy back in 2018. We’d been married for some time but were not good about discussing finances with one another without getting emotionally charged. I think shame played a part in this because we both felt impotent in this area of life. We decided we wanted to build a house which provided us with a common goal. This goal mutually motivated us to get our financial house in order. A big issue, however, was we

Sean & Rachel

A Positive Investment in Our Relationship

We just celebrated our 17th anniversary and as we were reflecting on our journey so far, we both realized that this is the first time in our marriage we have both felt truly positive about the financial dynamics between us. Judy has been instrumental in this process. She’s given us the tools, guidance, and the encouragement to keep learning together. We have more clarity and more conversations about how we spend and save. Judy’s budget coaching has been a really

Stefanie & Dan Robbins

A Greater Sense of Peace

Judy’s coaching has helped me to bring order to my financial life and to ensure that my money goes where I want it to each month, rather than where it had been going without thought and planning. Best of all, her coaching has guided me towards solutions that fit my core values and that have given me a greater sense of peace and overall well

Jonathan, Attorney, New York, N.Y.

We’re Finally in Control of Our Finances

As the saying goes, “Perfection is the enemy of progress”. My wife and I have spent many frustrating years trying to get a handle on our finances using a number of different personal-finance software packages, to no avail. I realize now that household budgeting is not accounting, and does not demand the same rigor and attention to detail that is typically required by these packages. The most important thing is to get going with the budgeting process in whatever way

Jeff Lowe, Software Developer

You Really Were a Tremendous Help

You really were a tremendous help. And I’m so glad my daughters are learning this from an early age because of our work together. My youngest gets a school budget for clothes and it helps her to make wise choices (my 14 yo). My oldest is now out of the house and on her own. I’ve taught her to take a percentage of her income and put it in savings. It’s helped her get through “dry” times [her income is

Julie B.

Tools to Communicate With Each Other

My husband and I hired Judy when we were faced with some tough decisions about our money, and also to help us improve communications and planning between us. Judy’s MoneyTracker tools gave us a way to communicate with each other every month, and to discuss our upcoming obligations. We continue to use these tools beyond our coaching time with Judy because of their value to our planning. If you’re looking for a very practical money coach to deal with the

Joan and John, Orange County, CA

You Are A True Coach

I would like to express my appreciation for your ability to help those of us who find budgeting and financial management daunting. I learned a lot from you today. You are a true coach; you were able to shed some light and showed value to tracking my daily spending. I used to hate doing this, thinking that having to track my expenses is a chore and it made me feel restricted. You have shown me a different mindset that having

Cecille Toy, Silicon Valley

Your Own Personal Power

I believe the key to financial freedom is the awareness that Judy encourages. When we work together, I learn skills that I didn’t even know existed. I believe those skills and working with Judy are the key to awareness and taking ownership of your own personal power — I

S. T. Chicago, IL

I Would Highly Recommend Judy

Judy has worked with my clients, both in litigation and in the collaborative process, to develop their budgets. She is very patient and thorough, and the clients come away with a much better understanding of their finances. I would highly recommend

Twila B. Larkin, Family Law, Albuquerque, NM

I Am Achieving Financial Balance

For years my finances have been out of balance; sometimes with serious consequences. With Judy’s guidance, and using her Budget Book, I am achieving financial balance and the ability to plan for expenditures in advance. I find that by recording my daily expenses I am gradually becoming more balanced in other areas of my life as

Linda, Burlingame, CA

I Learn Skills That I Didn’t Even Know Existed

Working with Judy Lawrence is one of the smartest things I have ever done … Master of the ZAP! I call Judy “Glenda the Good Witch”. It seems that after a session and/or conversation with Judy, I hang up the phone and have this new found energy, drive and motivation. It happens every time! She definitely knows something I don’t – yet. Judy has the knowledge, communications skills and professional teaching to get you toward your goal. I believe the

Anonymous – Chicago, IL

The Best Investment That I’ve Ever Made

I read Judy’s book, The Budget Book, and thought it was great for people who are wage-earners, which I’m not. My income is somewhat fixed and comes from other interests. I have a financial planner, am fastidious about my taxes, and use Quicken. I have great confidence in the professionals that I use. BUT, I had no handle on what those broad numbers really meant and what was going on financially with me. I have worked with Judy consistently for

Char Brooks, Attorney & Patient Advocate

I Don’t Feel Alone Anymore

Judy, I know I’ve said this before, but if it hadn’t been for you, there’s no way I could have gotten started on this and find a way to get my husband on board. I’m still scared with the state of our finances, but I don’t feel alone anymore. Thank you,

Linda, MBA, University Faculty Member

A Great Mentor

I highly recommend Judy for anyone desiring a great mentor. She tailors each appointment to suit our changing needs and growth while gently moving us towards our goals. Despite good income, inheritances, and loans against our home, we continued to fall behind with debts again and again. We had tried “tracking” our expenses and coming up with a plan but had always failed and gotten to a point of severe frustration and embarrassment about our inability to get out of

Beth, MD and Don, DPM in PA