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A full year of personal budget podcasts as an outline and review of “The Budget Kit”

Let this full year’s worth of personal budget podcasts be your personal budget guide.  Each monthly podcast discusses a separate powerful budgeting concept from “The Budget Kit” workbook. Whether you’re preparing a personal budget, paying down your debt, anticipating your taxes or arranging for a tax refund, these personal budget podcasts will quickly and easily guide you through the process.


Learning How to Look at Our Money Issues Differently.

The Budget Kit Podcast Review
Each podcast is approx. 12 – 20 minutes long

JANUARY: Introduction to the program – about the “The Budget Kit” 

FEBRUARY: Overview of “The Budget Kit” – Getting Started

If you listened to the first two (Jan & Feb) on the Media page,
you’ll want to start with March…

MARCH: Credit Report and Scores

APRIL: Net Worth Statement

MAY: Goals / Needs and Wants List

JUNE: Yearly Budget Worksheet

JULY: Monthly Budget Worksheet

AUGUST: Variable Income

SEPTEMBER: Monthly Expense Record

OCTOBER: Debt Payoff Record and Credit Card Purchase Record

NOVEMBER: Windfall Planner – Handling Financial Windfalls 

: Holiday/Gift Budgeting and Children

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