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As one of the pioneers providing personal one-on-one budget coaching and counseling, I understand the deeper side of how money affects our lives.

With solid action and incremental steps we can create a blueprint for a lifetime of financial change.

I help Individuals, Couples, Single Parents, Seniors, and others who:

  • Are tired of working hard, making good money, yet have little to show for it.
  • Have tried other systems, programs, software, and books, yet you’re still not satisfied.
  • Want to stop the financial chaos and get a grip on your personal finances.
  • Are feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, and anxious about money.
  • Feel a sense of shame or embarrassment over your lack of money management.
  • Are tired of constantly dealing with debt and never being able to save.
  • Are experiencing stress in your personal relationships because of money.
  • Want to learn how to be proactive versus reactive while managing  your budget.
  • Want money management tools that you can use and adapt for the rest of your life.
  • Are ready to change and want more financial peace of mind, confidence, control and sense of personal stewardship and responsibility.
  • Want to finally be fully present and available mentally and emotionally for your family, friends, work and colleagues.
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Judy Lawrence MS Ed. Founder of Money Tracker
Money Coach & Financial Counselor


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