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My goal is to prepare you emotionally and pragmatically while working through both the financial documents and required budget production stage and on toward your post-divorce financial independence.

While developing your budget for divorce settlement purposes (where you are actively engaged with the process), Judy will help you produce documents that are realistic and comprehensive for yourself and your attorneys.  

If managing the household finances was not your responsibility during the marriage and you find the area of finances intimidating, Judy’s gentle guidance and years of experience in this area will be a profound relief. 

As you and Judy work on these documents and information together, you will gain greater insights and understanding regarding your personal/household finances. Judy will provide tools you can adapt and use for life.  With these, you can count on having the ability to manage your future post divorce finances independently and with a heightened sense of self confidence.

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Divorce Financial Services and Court Appointed Financial Services

  • Lawyers utilize Judy’s divorce financial planning to help their clients learn how to develop a budget and determine what their financial planning needs may be for alimony purposes as well as completing discovery documents.
  • Divorcing individuals often use her assistance when they are needing extra emotional support and basic assistance with organizing their financial and divorce documents, and developing personal and family budgets.
  • In the past,  New Mexico Family Court Judges appointed Judy as a 706 Expert to set up realistic budgets for divorcing couples, help determine alimony needs or other divorce financial planning concerns as specified by the courts, lawyers or clients.
  • She was also appointed as Special Master for small business concerns.

Judy Lawrence, MS Ed.


Judy Lawrence, Divorce Financial Services & CounselingJudy Lawrence holds a Masters in Counseling from UW-Oshkosh and is a Financial Counselor and Budget Coach, helping individuals, couples and small businesses master their personal finances through coaching, workshops and written materials. She is the author of The Budget Kit Workbook 6th Edition (2011, Kaplan Publishing).

Job experiences over the years in Wisconsin, California and New Mexico broadened her awareness of consumer’s relationship issues with money. As a former educator and college counselor, Judy guides divorcing clients through the budgeting process of preparing and managing their personal finances confidently and effectively. This is especially helpful for clients who are not experienced with their personal finances, nor emotionally able to prepare effective budgets. Her goal is to prepare clients emotionally and pragmatically for their post divorce financial independence.

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she can help you through this difficult time.