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What this Webinar offers

This one hour webinar is designed to give you a solid overview for creating a budget that works.  It will also help you discover the missing link that may have been missing with all those previous attempts at budgeting.

This overview is taken from the solid and time-tested concepts of The Budget Kit Workbook 6th Ed. The goal of this introductory webinar is to help you learn how to more proactively and confidently anticipate those unexpected monthly and yearly expenses, start to understand why those credit card balances keep growing even though you make good money, learn how to have a plan for handling those expenses in advance and finally learn where all your money is going.

Ultimately, I want to help you achieve a greater sense of financial peace of mind.

Who can benefit?

Whether you’ve tried budgets in the past or never started a budget, are a Boomer or Millennial, have college education or a student of life, you can benefit from the tools and concepts introduced in this webinar.

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