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This is not always an easy step to take…
For many, it takes a lot of courage.
For others it’s about marshaling the energy to follow through.

By taking this first step with my free finance consultation, you are acknowledging that you have hope that you can organize your financial world and bring it back under your own control. 

And for taking this step, I offer you a Free 30-minute phone session. Let’s get acquainted with each other, and begin exploring your current financial situation with confidence, and in full confidentiality.

We can use this time to discover whether you and I are a good fit for moving forward with personal coaching sessions. I can let you know more about your coaching options ranging from Free to Fee—based, and we’ll find out whether you’re a good fit for one of my pre-designed packages or if a custom-designed coaching approach may better suit your needs and your budget.

There are so many reasons a budget will benefit you. See what Investopedia has to say.

“Let’s discuss your situation with
confidence and confidentiality.”   — Judy


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