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Judy was invited by Dr. Laura to offer up the Tip of  the Week: “What would you do for more financial peace of mind these days?”

Gaining Financial Peace of Mind
“Follow these tips for more confidence, less stress, and more control over your financial life..”
Read the article at the Dr. Laura website…



Judy was invited by to offer up the question: “What if nature’s lessons could inspire how you manage your household budget?.”

What Can Nature Teach Us About Our Money?
“Next time you watch a nature show or take a walk in your local park, pay attention with new awareness.”
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Judy was invited by GalTime Magazine [no longer active] to offer up some advise on the day to day management of our hectic lifestyles, and “Four Ways to Regain Control.”

Is ‘Life Overload’ Busting Your Budget?
“If you just make your choices out of convenience, what do these decisions ultimately cost you in terms of money, disappointment, frustration or time?”


The Chicago Tribune - Article by Terry Savage
Judy was featured in an article by Terry Savage for the Chicago Tribune.

Budget is not a dirty word. And it’s important to remember that it is a verb as well as a noun — it doesn’t happen without your active participation!”

The article is no longer available at the Tribune website…


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Mint Interview with Judy Lawrence On Financial Security —


More Articles


The Right Way to Help Your Kids or Grandkids Pay Off Debt

Press of Atlantic City – April,2014
Ways To Curb Spending – Save For Home

Teaching Money Management Skills to Children

4 Reasons Why Managing Money Today Is So Hard and What You Can Do About It


TV Interviews

Good Day New Mexico Interviews Judy

Chatting with Judy Lawrence, in her role with Greater Albuquerque Habitat for Humanity, and Sean Torres from Positive Energy Solar about the Fall Upcycle Fair and Solar Celebration – October 2015.

Judy Lawrence for Upcycle Fair - video, 2015
Watch The Video

Judy and Sky Carlisle discuss creating new living space through the repurposing of shipping containers… 8:24 min.
Read the associated article here…

Habitat for Humanity Keeps it Green With
The Fall Upcycle Festival 2014… 5:42 min.

Judy Discusses The Budget Kit… 9:00 min.


The Importance of Financial Planning… 10:00 min.

featuring Judy Lawrence and Beverly A Bailey

Television Coverage

cnbc-dollars and centsCNBC Dollars and Cents Iyanla ShowIyanla Show


WFOR – Ch 4 News Florida

Money MattersJudy Lawrence was a guest on
Money Matters Today
Larry Elder
Judy Lawrence was a
Budget Coach Expert
Guest on The Larry
Elder Show – “Holiday
Spending Aftermath”

 Radio Podcasts

The Small Business Advocate – 2015



Mind Your Own Business Radio

A full year (12 Podcasts) of outline and review on “The Budget Kit”

Learning How to Look at Our Money Issues Differently.

JANUARY: Introduction to the program about the “The Budget Kit” 

FEBRUARY: Overview of “The Budget Kit” – Getting Started

Click Here to continue this Podcast Series
A full year – 12 Podcasts Available

Solo Pro Radio

Better Smarter Richer with Jackie Peterson

Phone Interviews with Jim Blasingame
The Small Business Advocate

Judy joins Jim to talk about the attitude around giving and receiving. They go on to discuss budgeting ideas.

Judy joins Jim to discuss how important it is to make cashless options available to your customers.

Judy and Jim talk about some keys to successful budgeting, especially how to separate your personal and business finances.


Newspaper Articles

Three Big Money Mistakes
You Could Be Making Right Now —
And They’re All In Your Head
“Judy Lawrence tells clients to “step up and face the numbers” of their real financial picture. That way, they can create a plan based on their true income, outline a way to gradually pay off debt and save for retirement.
Sunday Republican
Budget to get a handle on finances
Page 1 – Page 2
The downside of letting emotions guide your money
The Downside of Letting Emotions
Guide Your Money
Chicago Sun Times
Time for a Budget? Time for This Book


National Magazine Coverage

massage-therapy-coverBudget Wise:
Prospering Within Your Means
Page 1 | Page 2Q&A About Managing Money
Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3
OC MetroBudgeting Your Life
Discovering how money goes down a black home helps you decide the best route to save some of it as seen in OC Metro Magazine.
KiplingersPersonal Finances as seen in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine KiplingersBudgets That Work as seen in Kiplinger’s
Working MotherWhere Does Your Money Go? as seen in Working Mother MagazinePage 1 – Page 2 Holiday Debt HangoverHoliday Debt Hangover as seen in Black Enterprise
 Page 1Black Enterprise New York FamilyBetter Budgeting as seen in New York Family
CosmopolitanPage 1 RedbookLive Well on Less as seen in Redbook.
RedbookHow to Make a Budget Womans World Page 1
Woman's DayCash Flow Control as seen in Woman’s Day Real SimpleChange is Good from Real Simple

Radio Interviews

Radio America


Join Judy Lawrence each Monday as she shares her Money Tracking advice on News You Can Use with Jane Silk part of the Radio America Network.



Living in Success Show – KCOL
Click to Listen to Judy’s Interview

Segment 1 | Segment 2 | Segment 3

Small Business Advocate – 2/11/04
Hosted by Jim Blasingame
Global American Broadcasting Network
Money Sense – WMCU – 1/26/04
Hosted by Art Framke in Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
 Viewpoint w/Jean Dean
WRVC – 12/29/03
Huntington, WV
You and Your Money
WSRC – 1/22/04

Hosted by Richard Burton of Durham, NC
Living in Success
Hosted by Tim McCarthy of Boulder, CO

Internet Coverage

Judy talks about
Intelligent Spending
on Pro Money Talk, the web’s top podcast on financial planning.Visit Pro Money Talk
Pro Money Talk Podcast – Intelligent SpendingWhy is a show for successful people talking about budget and cash flow? Because it’s an integral piece of financial planning for all income levels. In this show, Judy will discuss:


  • Why wealthy people track expenses.
  • How you can plan with less pain.
  • Making sure your spending reflects your core values.
  • What’s important when creating a spending plan.
  • How budgeting helps business owners with variable income.
  • Modeling good behaviors for your children.
  • How to work with your partner to track expenses and plan.
  • The importance of understand why people spend the way they do.
College Funding Coach Radio Show
Host Jeff Morand interviews Judy Lawrence – November 2008
Give yourself a raise! Stretch your paycheck
By Christie Taylor •
Tightening the Belts – Literally and Figuratively
10 Tips to Get Your Finances in Order
Women’s Wall
Part 1 – Part 2

Magazine Article Archives

Get Real! Facing Up to Your Family’s Finances
as seen in Family Life Magazine
Page 1 – Page 2

Here are Some Painless Ways to Tame Spending
as seen in the Tampa Tribune

Where Did My Money Go
as seen in Military Lifestyle Magazine

Your Family Finances
as seen in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine