Making Life Transitions Naturally

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There’s something about change that ignites new energy and inspiration.  May this new energy provide fresh ideas, and inspiration for your own personal and financial life.   — Judy

Have you ever felt that strong urge where you knew it was time to make some major change or changes in your life?  Were you clear about the change or wondering just how to pull it off? 


change-ahead-sign_230My own pattern seems to revolve around some major change (a move, travel, huge new project) every ten years.  Even though I’ve been in the personal finance industry for decades with my products, coaching, and training, and love the work I do, I can feel the need for some shift in my professional life.

It feels like it’s time to add new energy and perspective to my work with money.  I want to bring in more aspects of the interesting world around us in terms of nature and sustainability. 

When I moved to the Silicon Valley area the beginning of 2000, ready for a life “makeover”, my editor asked me to revise “The Budget Kit” for a new third edition. At first I thought it was pointless to revise a print book, especially as I slowly started to be immersed in the super high tech world around me. silicon-valley-sign_170Everything seemed to be shifting to software or electronic products of some kind and I wasn’t sure about the future life of a basic money management workbook with worksheets. 

But since the editor insisted, I followed through. Over the years, as The Budget Kit moved into it’s 6th edition, as well as electronic versions, and continued to sell in all versions, I realized how wrong I was!  I also realized living in that unique area was like living in a bubble in terms of life perspective when compared to the rest of the country. 

Right before submitting that final manuscript, a very intuitive friend said the book was not yet complete.  She told me I needed to share my story of how I recently made a major emotional and geographical shift in my life.  Later, in the Prologue of the newly revised “Budget Kit”, I described the experience as moving from “Sleepy Hollow (Albuquerque, NM) to the “Epicenter of the Galaxy” (Silicon Valley). This friend also stressed it was important that I share my personal journey with my readers. At first the private side of me resisted. Then the side of me that always wants to uplift, encourage and instill hope and confidence came through.  

Biomimicry - Design By NatureWell, that need for a shift is nudging again in my life.  And once again a very special friend (who does such a beautiful job with this website) is suggesting I share my journey. And again, the private side of me gets nervous about sharing that private inner world publicly. 

The shift started last year when I read a fantastic article in “Intelligent Optimist” magazine about Biomimicry (bio inspired design) and how “nature never wastes anything”.  That was one of those times I wished I was in my twenties and could go back to school for a new career.

You see, most of my life my core passion has been around the concept of sustainability and eliminating waste (whether money, time, energy, resources, things, human potential).  It actually did make sense for me to gradually move into the area of personal finance, since I’ve always wanted to help people reduce the waste and loss of money.

fast-company-logo_190But more specifically, in recent years the true excitement was learning about businesses with a focus on re-use or repurposing of existing resources.  For years my favorite publications have been “Fast Company”, “Inc Magazine”, “Intelligent Optimist” and the local business journal publications – all excellent treadmill reading for me.  I’ve loved hearing stories of companies that found ways to repurpose – whether using worm poop (TerraCycle), mushrooms (Ecovative), cheese byproducts on icy Wisconsin highways, or upcycling trash into classical instruments. 

 The challenge was how to blend that passion for repurposing and eliminating waste, with my life’s work in personal finance.

“ I’ve come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed is to discover what you love and then find a way to offer it to others in the form of service, working hard, and also allowing the energy of the universe to lead you.”
― Oprah Winfrey

koala-finding-it's-soundFor many years I’ve learned to appreciate those ongoing subtle messages around us, whether from nature, license plates, or timely articles. So it comes as no surprise that late last year I just happened to hear composer Peter Buffett speak about his search for finding his own “Sound”.   I had to wonder, what was MY true “Sound” and how could I find it?

Biomimicry is about “what can nature teach us?” So I thought, why not blend my personal finance career with my passion for nature, and start writing stories? That became the start of my new blog series on “What Can Nature Teach Us About Money”.   You can read more on that first blog article here: “What do Warren Buffett, Koalas and Sound have in Common?” 

Writing these stories each month (blending three unique stories and tying those to our personal household finances) has been such a delight. It was also a great way to test the waters in search of my sound.  Now it feels like the time to stretch a bit into new territory and blend more of these interests into my business.

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”  
 Martha Graham

I’ve been a bit hesitant realizing how challenging change can be.  I can still remember many challenging jobs I had in the Silicon Valley area that took some major adjusting to something totally new.  Yet, after a while I did find my own way (and sound) in those jobs and experienced some major successful breakthroughs.  Maybe you’ve had similar experiences? 

Tuning into Nature...The more I share the idea of this direction of opening up to an expanded perspective on finances and tuning into nature (whether trusting your own inner guidance, following natural rhythms of your life or appreciating natural beauty around you) the more excited I am to learn how many people are resonating with this perspective.  I’m looking forward to having you join me on this journey and hearing about your own stories of change or intriguing resources on recycling and repurposing. 

Making change doesn’t always mean totally letting go of one thing to change to something new, since there are many options for change.  You can count on me to continue to guide you, be your Sherpa, provide simple and effective resources or hold your hand through your own financial situations.

Pre-retirement and Retirement CoachingWhether you are a budding new adult, young family, divorcing or pre-retirement couple (the range of clients I’ve worked with over the years), know that I’m here to continue to support you. I love bringing the essence of my “sound” (that variety of lifetime experiences, knowledge, compassion and insight) to my work.  

In the meantime, stay tuned and watch for my hybrid approach to finances on the website. You’ll notice more resources and blending of nature, repurposing and money. 

And remember…you just never know where a new exciting path will take you.