Summer Review “What Can Nature Teach Us About Money”

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As I watch the kids start going back to school, and the shift from summer to fall begin, I’m reminded of the natural transition of nature, life and seasons.  Nature has a way of pausing, giving us time to reflect on past events and harvests as well as preparing for the next “season” and phase of life. 

Now as I reflect on my nine blog articles focusing on “What Can Nature Teach Us About Money” I thought it would be a great time to pause and review what has been birthed in those nine stories.


Following are some highlights of a few of my favorite stories and related money tips.

1. Recycling at it’s grandest…

One of my true passions is recycling, so the following story that weaves together nature, people and talent and what is truly possible, is one of my favorites. 

What can Georgia O’Keefe, Bach, and Trash Teach Us about Our Finances?

Trash-Guitar-Violin_270 Trash-Cello_270

[Video] Watch the Video on How “The Landfill Harmonic” Came To Be!

Be sure to continue to the section on “Recycled Budgeting Tools — What resources do you have buried in your own personal landfill made up of stuff, stories, and emotions?” for a great reminder on recycling financial tools and attitudes.

2. Cleaning Our Plates – Zero Food Waste…

One of my pet peeves is waste of all kinds, but wasted food tops the list!  If you’re noticing a lot of food scraps and wilted produce waste in your garbage these days, read on for some funny and ingenious stories about some unique solutions to wasted food.

How Las Vegas, Food Cowboys and Oshkosh Work Toward Zero-Waste Food


[Video] Watch the Videos on the BioDigester at UW Oshkosh and the Zero-waste program in Las Vegas.


If you’re looking for ideas for your own zero-waste food budget, be sure to read the shared ideas from my clients and workshop participants, for saving money on the grocery bills and meals.


3. Paying Attention to Nature…

I love the concept of “What Can Nature Teach Us About Money?” and finding unique ideas for sharing this concept.  For that reason the following story is one of my favorite synergistic stories as it shares nature’s interesting way of collaborating and proving early warning signals.

Can Napa Valley, Canaries and Corn Teach Us About Early Financial Warning Signals?

 canary_coal_mine_230 vineyard-w-roses_270



Since our lives these days seem to be filled with constant change, remember to stay tuned to your own financial warning signals and read the section at the end: “What early financial warning signals are signaling you to start making some major changes today?”

I hope you enjoyed reading or re-reading these stories and gained some new insights for your own finances.

Enjoy these final summer days as they transition into autumn and quieter, inner, reflective times.

Stay tuned for next month and some new ideas.

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