Financial Considerations to Make Before Moving to a New City

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.A new job, your bucket list, or simply a change of pace – there are many reasons that people choose to pack up and move to a new city or state. While it can be the start of an exciting new adventure, there are some risks involved that you should prepare to handle, especially when it comes to your finances. When you make a big move without taking a deep dive into your finances, you’ll likely find that you’ve bit … Read More

Credit Repair Companies: How They Work, Pros & Cons and Alternatives

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  Improving one’s credit score can be an arduous task that makes a big difference in someone’s financial future. Having a strong credit score is necessary to get approval for loans and financing and directly impacts the terms. In most cases, the better the credit score, the better the interest rates.  People make mistakes and experience financial hardships— that’s just a fact of life. That’s why many people look to credit repair agencies to help them start fresh by improving … Read More

Financial Freedom: The Importance of Finding the Right Financial Coach

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Many people ask, why is money so hard to earn but easy to spend? What makes it so hard to keep? Usually, people struggle with their financial responsibilities and budgeting for various reasons. For some, it could be due to high-paying bills, impulsive shopping, confusion with buying wants over needs, and lack of understanding of their finances. Sometimes, handling money is hard for most people. Even though you have tons of cash in your bank savings, if you don’t know … Read More

Intentional Goal Setting to Help You Financially Prepare for Life’s Milestones

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Life is filled with special moments and milestones meant to be celebrated and honored. Most of these milestones not only impact you on an emotional level, but a financial level as well. This is why it is important to be diligent about finding ways to plan for these events ahead of time. Whether you are getting married, having a baby, or starting a new job, it is beneficial to set intentional goals to help you prepare for a financially stable … Read More

4 Ways to Leverage Your Personal Assets in 2020

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In the face of a pandemic, many people are seeking ways to protect their existing funds, plan for the future, and discover new sources of income. While there’s no telling how long it’ll take for the economy to return to normal, understanding the various ways you can cash in on, or leverage your assets in some way, may help you feel more financially secure during these uncertain times. Here are four smart ways you can leverage your personal assets: . … Read More

6 Ways to Get Back on Financial Track This Year

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It’s never the wrong time to start reconsidering your finances. Money management is a vital life skill that many of us take for granted, especially when we find ourselves trapped in an endless cycle of bills and debt. These six tips will help you begin to design a budget, build a healthy financial foundation and start thinking smart about money. 1. Look at Your Spending First You might find yourself constantly thinking, “If only I made more money.” While having … Read More

How to Change your Routine and your Bank Balance

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Saving money is something that we all want to be good at. After all, the more you can save, the easier it is to reach targets like putting a deposit on your new house or buying the car of your dreams. Unfortunately, while “spending less” might seem like a simple enough idea, it’s rarely as easy as it appears in practice. One of the biggest problems that many people have with their spending strategies, is that they’re stuck in the … Read More

How Money Habitudes Helps Couples Talk About Finances

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Since I work with so many couples regarding their budgets and finances in general, as well as their emotional relationship, I’m always on the lookout for unique tools. One of those tools is the deck of Money Habitudes cards to help couples start talking about their money. Learn more about this tool and marriage. com in the article below.   Another tool, one of my couples came up with, is what they call the “Love Chat” night on a weekly or … Read More

First Steps for Financial Planning When You’re a Parent

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Every new parent should take some time to sit down and go over their finances to plan for the hurdles that lie ahead. With that being said, no one is perfect — and some parents wait a few years before buckling down. Whether you have a toddler on your hands or your child is no more than a gleam in your eye, there is no better time to start planning financially than the present. A good financial plan will help … Read More

5 Reliable Ways You Can Earn Money from Home

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Do you have children at home to take care of? Maybe you’re a little older, or you have an injury making it difficult for you to leave your house. Regardless of your situation, you’re probably looking for ways to earn some income without having to go outside. Here are 5 reliable ways to earn extra money from the comfort of your own home. Renting or selling things online Everyone has things sitting at home that he or she no longer … Read More

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