Why it Pays to Stay Healthy

In light of the uncertainties of health insurance plans, it pays to stay healthy this 2018. While it’s a generally known fact that a healthy lifestyle constitutes a longer life, it may be more encouraging for readers to know the numbers. Health IQ details the findings related to health conscious people, showing that they have a 41 percent lower mortality overall. These individuals have benefits that aren’t just limited to the physical aspect, but also in emotional and mental aspects. … Read More

What I learned from Doing Nothing

Sometimes there’s more to doing nothing than meets the eye. If you or someone you know may be facing some forced down time, you might be interested in my recent experience shared below. This is the holiday season and that time when life seems to ratchet up.  You may be starting to feel those familiar pangs of stress – having too much to do and unrealistic expectations for getting it all done.  Not to mention the impact on your finances. … Read More

Ready to be a New Home Owner? Is Your Budget Ready?

This time of year is always the time of new beginnings – graduation, Mother’s Day, new jobs and yes, new homes. Do you know how much of a monthly mortgage payment you really can afford? If you have recently pre-qualified for a home loan, you probably know how much the monthly pre-qualified amount is. If you’re like many people I talk to, you may have been surprised to hear how much mortgage you actually qualified for. Before you jump right … Read More

Aging In Place: Seniors Can Live In Their Homes (With A Little Help)

By Jackie Waters A long time ago, people stayed in their home when they got older. Then, someone found a way to profit off nursing homes, retirement communities, and the like. Those can be helpful for a senior that has serious mobility or dementia issues, but for most baby boomers in their later years, aging in place is a much better option. Know What You’re Talking About What is “aging in place?”  of some sort.Simply put, it’s when you grow … Read More

9 Tips For Dumping Debt

Are you… …tired of debt? …feeling like you’re just surviving? …wanting to move over to the thriving side of life? Perhaps in your case, this debt was not all related to unconscious overspending. There may be numerous reasons for accumulating your current debt including health issues, major unexpected house –car –family – pet emergencies or job loss.  Overall, the goal is to be debt free.    The following tips will certainly help you make a significant dent in that debt … Read More

14 Tips for Couples and Money

For Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of couples, I’m sharing 14 tips to guide you through a healthier relationship with each other and your money. If you’re interested in taking a simple little assessment along with your partner, stick around and I’ll share a link with you at the end. Pay Attention to the Clues.If you’re still in the early dating stages, listen and notice important clues for how your partner manages (or fails to manage) and thinks about … Read More

How to Stay Sane While Giving and Receiving During the Holidays

Does this time of the year make you feel warm and fuzzy or anxious and stressed? The concept of holiday giving and receiving, whether gifts or helping someone out, seems simple enough, yet after many discussions with clients and friends, I continually see that both areas are very loaded issues.  Consider the following ideas as you go through the holidays right now and for next year. Holiday Budgets and Giving Giving and receiving is definitely about more than the material … Read More

Sleep In and Avoid The January Credit Card Hangover

What if you slept in this holiday season and saved $1000s? If you saw the commercial you know where this is going. The first time I saw this commercial I thought it was perfect. It starts out with 2 neighbors in their driveways talking about Black Friday. One guy is pulling out huge piles of boxes from his trunk and stands up revealing this shining black eye. His surprised young neighbor says “Phil, what happened to you?” Phil says “Oh, … Read More

Take Four Steps Toward Stable Household Spending

By Jess Pearse Guest Blogger Mortgage payments, tuition, grocery bills, retirement contributions, and insurance premiums represent only a few of the wide-ranging expenses faced by household spending managers. Depending upon the scope of your spending obligations and the income available to cover living expenses, accounting for these and other financial commitments can present formidable challenges. Even the best household spending managers face occasional difficulties, so don’t be too hard on yourself when cash flow problems arise.  Instead, use a proactive … Read More

Steps to Take Now to Prepare for Tax Season

By Guest Blogger, Dolly Santos Nobody enjoys tax season. The key to a more pleasant experience completing your taxes is to get prepared now. There are many things you can do now to not only make things easier but perhaps even save money next tax season. Below are some ideas to help you get set for next year’s tax season. Where to Start Be sure to keep all of your tax forms, statements, last year’s return, and any relevant receipts … Read More

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