American Dream: Assessing If HomeOwnership Is in Your Future

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Homeownership rates dropped to 65.2 percent in the U.S. for 2013s first quarter, the lowest rate in nearly 20 years, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. RealtyTrac, a firm specializing in foreclosure data, said in its 2013 U.S. Home Equity & Underwater Report that 9.3 million Americans owe more on their mortgages than the house is worth. In other words, homeownership will continue to plummet for the foreseeable future. Most of the predatory practices by lenders during the subprime … Read More

Dirty Money – Turning Chicken, Worm and Cow Poo into Dough

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Money can come from a myriad of sources, but “Dirty Money”? From my recent blog stories you can tell I have a penchant for quirky and fun stories, yet always focusing on repurposing, especially to eliminate waste of all kinds. Well, this time I’m REALLY going to share some stories of companies eliminating the waste of waste – the dirty stuff. Let me warn you, this topic can get “dirty”. Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this … Read More

Summer Savings: Cut Costs With Summer Home Improvement Projects

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With the summer season in full swing and the utility bills climbing, now is the time to take on a few DIY projects around the home. With a few simple tools and an open weekend, you can spend less on pesky bills and spend the savings on your upcoming vacation. Summer Home Improvement Projects Clean the Dryer Help your dryer run more efficiently by giving the hose a little TLC. Over time, dust, lint and other particles build up in … Read More

Making Life Transitions Naturally

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There’s something about change that ignites new energy and inspiration.  May this new energy provide fresh ideas, and inspiration for your own personal and financial life.   — Judy . Have you ever felt that strong urge where you knew it was time to make some major change or changes in your life?  Were you clear about the change or wondering just how to pull it off?  . My own pattern seems to revolve around some major change (a move, travel, … Read More

Get Your Teen Ready for Life

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Adults Living at Home There comes a time in every family’s life where the young need to leave the nest. This transition, as most families have experienced, can be a difficult process.  The Pew Research reported 36 percent of adults ages 18 to 31 were still living at home in 2012, the highest percentage in more than 40 years. Below are some steps for your beloved offspring to start moving out and moving on, so you can have the place to yourself … Read More

How Las Vegas, Food Cowboys and Oshkosh Work Toward Zero-Waste Food

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Do you remember as a kid hearing your parents tell you to clean off your plate, along with “Just think of all those starving children in (you fill in the country)”.  And in the back of your mind you’re thinking “Well then send this food to them, I’m not eating it!” The current dinner table conversations may have changed, but the issue of wasted food is still with us.  Wasted food happens to be one of my triggers, especially since … Read More

Go Bananas With This Bunch of Budget Tips

Read Judy’s Guest Blog on BadCredit.orgGo Bananas With This Bunch of Budget Tips Nature has an interesting way of teaching and inspiring, which can often apply to our finances. Consider how bananas could teach us how to expand our way of looking at things. When you grab that banana for your quick potassium energy fix, do you only see a tasty, healthy snack and discard the banana peeling?  This may just be a “rather limited and uncreative way of looking … Read More

The Cost of Car Wear and Tear: Fix Up or Trade Up?

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Fix or Trade Your Car? Is it really still worth it to maintain an aging vehicle, or is it time to trade up? Out of necessity or frugality, Americans are keeping their cars longer than ever. A recent study by R. L. Polk found that the average age of American cars on the road stands at a record 10.8 years, and that Americans are holding onto their vehicles longer than ever before. If you are asking yourself whether it’s time … Read More

Can Napa Valley, Canaries and Corn Teach Us About Early Financial Warning Signals?

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  “What can these canaries teach us about our financial warning signals?” Now that we are moving past the tax return period and reviewing the finances, have you noticed any new ways you may want to manage your finances differently this year, or noticed any early warning signals for dramatic changes to initiate now? Let’s take a look at how nature can possibly teach us about early warning signals, and how symbiotic relationships fit in.  Throughout nature there are numerous … Read More

What is the Safest Solution for Online Transactions?

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If you’re wondering “What is bank fraud?,” you’re not alone. Lots of people don’t know the difference between credit card fraud and bank fraud. If they did, they would probably adopt different habits when shopping online. Take a look at these different payment options for online transactions. Online Payment Systems There are many online payment systems available, each with their own blend of benefits and risks. One common risk between all these systems is the use of public networks. The … Read More

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