Budgets for Boomerang Adult Children

Budgets for Boomerang Adult Children is becoming very timely. According to the the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 22 million adult children living at home with their parents. There are numerous articles about the roughly 13 percent of adult children ages 18 – 29 who have returned home or never left due to the economy, weak job market, expensive college costs and more. Needless to say having 20 to 30-year old boomerang adult children moving back home brings up a variety … Read More

5 Tips to Grow Your Business Credit

Business credit is just as important as personal credit. Since more and more consumers are joining the ranks of business ownership, there are even more reasons to pay attention to credit and personal finances. Even though you may know how to build your own personal credit, building business credit requires some different steps. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), building your business’ credit increases the value of your company. Because healthy businesses often are considered more creditworthy than individuals, strong … Read More

Improve Your Credit Score Before Applying for a Mortgage

Despite the shaky economy, home ownership is still a big part of the American dream. There are a number of deals still available in the housing market right now. Yet, qualifying for a mortgage continues to be one of the more difficult challenges in recent years. If you or your partner have a poor credit score, this would be the time to work on your credit scores to improve your options when it comes to buying a home. If you’re considering … Read More

Are you preparing for retirement?

Is retirement now getting closer than ever? Are you starting to think about retirement and wondering how to prepare? Jane Bennett Clark’s current retirement feature in Kiplinger Magazine has some helpful guidelines. I just finished being interviewed by Ms. Bennett Clark regarding budget planning for retirement. Watch for the September Kiplinger Magazine issue in the “Countdown to Retirement” feature to read more about the importance of budgeting now for your future. In the meantime, check out her ongoing “Countdown to … Read More

Convenience Trumps Banking Fees

What is convenience versus banking fees costing these days? According to a recent study by Think Finance (an alternative financial products company), Millennials often consider convenience worth the extra cost when it comes to banking fees. The Money Coach in me, however, does wonder how much all those fees add up to each month (and then year). Is it possible that a little investment of time upfront could save a significant amount of money later?  Researching other less expensive and … Read More

Getting the Best Deals for Your Wheels

              Wondering if the maintenance costs on your beloved ten year old vehicle is outweighing the monthly payments of a newer vehicle? This may be the time to shop the market to find the best deals for your wheels. Since I recently went through this experience of shopping for a used vehicle I thought I would share a little research. Several recent reports suggest that heading out of town to find and buy a car can save consumers a bucket … Read More

MoneyTracker Tip: The “IT’S ONLY SYNDROME” impact on your Budget

Have you ever noticed how many times you say “It’s only” during your personal financial buying decisions? Notice what that money  amount is that fits in the “only” section. Is it under five dollars?  Is it under $50? Does it depend on the purchase? Recently, I just heard “It’s only $10,000” .  For some people perspective can be a matter of the number of  zeros!  There’s nothing wrong with the phrase “it’s only”, however, be aware that on some subconscious level, … Read More

Have you found a new system for planning your budget?

Hey, great comments about making a list and developing a budget. Of course sticking to it too really helps. It’s still amazing how some of the core systems, that have been around for decades, still work the best.  If you already have The Budget Kit workbook,  I”m sure you discovered the handy two worksheets for “Gift Giving” and “Holiday Expense” planning.   Now don’t forget it won’t be long before the other gift planning starts up… graduation, weddings, Mother”s Day, … Read More

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