Still maintaining your holiday budget plan…What plan??

Of course I had to ask.   I just finished a “Holiday Budget” presentation to the customer service folks at Verizon and had some very lively discussion. Boiled down, the overall response had two themes; 1) if the money is there the kids will get what they want – forget the holiday budget and 2) money is feeling pretty tight so creative gifts and gift exchanges seems to be the name of the game this holiday season – there’s no … Read More

Money Tracker Blog by Judy Lawrence

Thank you for visiting my website and this blog page.  WELCOME!   Feel free to ask questions regarding your personal and household personal finance issues or share a resource, insight, or whatever is stirring in your money world. I’ll share some thoughts, articles I’ve written, links, other experts I respect and more as we go. My goal with clients, and readers is to help raise consciousness, mindfulness, and awareness when it comes to YOUR money. What I’m really looking forward … Read More

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