The Problem

I want to ask you: Do you find money issues dominating your daily thoughts, your time and energy? 

Is it even MORE frustrating since you know you are a pretty smart person, and maybe even make pretty good money, plus you’re already reading or utilizing the information and tools from all those amazing books, magazines, blogs, online calculators, courses, webinars,  and financial websites, and expecting to have more control of your money by now?

Personal Budget Challenges - Dealing with your personal money and budgetingOr maybe you’re dealing with a lot of shame and embarrassment because you feel you should know this for some reason.

Or you’re already using some popular software or app and STILL not on top of your finances and find yourself ruminating over money issues that continue to dominate your daily thoughts, time and energy! 

You would think, with all the available professional and down-to-earth information out there, dealing with your personal money and budgeting would be a no-brainer by now. 

Yet it isn’t, is it? 

Why is that? In this article I’ll talk about some of those personal budget challenges – “The Problem” so many of you are facing.


This is a 4-Part Series…
Article 1 The Problem starts below…

In the next article I’ll take you into the “The Cause” of why those problems are happening.  You’ll find out about the three core causes for money issues I find in most households.
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In Article Three I’ll take you on into some tested and proven solutions, and you can learn more about how my coaching program can help you find “The Solution” that works best for you.
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And in Article four I’ll show you some of “The Benefits” to finding the right solution for your particular learning style, and how this can profoundly change your life.
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The Problem

I’ve been in this personal finance business for decades now and continue to hear from competent people from all financial lifestyles and varying degrees of education.  Smart people. People who know how to figure things out.

What are they saying? 

Personal Budget Challenges - Changing behaviors, budgeting issues and questionsThey’re still struggling with pretty much the same pesky money and budgeting issues and questions as people were in the “last century” – literally!

During my 30 minute free consultations, I hear over and over all the different obstacles to managing money, and all the reasons which seem to be preventing personal finance control and finding your financial peace of mind.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • No matter what you try, it still seems impossible to eliminate your debt or save much money. After a number of unsuccessful attempts, you’re convinced it’s just you.
  • There’s too much financial chaos. Too many Personal Budget Challenges to juggle, understand, maintain and manage. There’s no way to figure this all out.
  • Dealing with money is totally overwhelming, confusing, secretive and stressful. And yes, terrifying.
  • In fact, it’s embarrassing to realize you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s and you really don’t know how to handle money well, much less be able to save, invest or plan for the future.
  • Somewhere along the line, becoming an adult was supposed to bring you instant knowledge and insights about managing money. And now years or decades later you’re ashamed and angry (and a bit mortified) that no one took the time to teach you or you just weren’t sure how to manage money and you still haven’t figured it out.

Or maybe you’re …

  • Already using some great apps, or software tools, following the program, yet something, some missing piece still seems to be missing. You’re not feeling that financial control.
  • Or working hard, making a great income, yet have so little to show for that money. What’s up with that?

Why does it seem so impossible to change?

Personal Budget Challenges - Procrastination: Changing your behaviors and belief systemsThings like changing behaviors, belief systems, procrastination patterns and all those other areas that could use a good makeover. If you’re faced with one or many of these Personal Budget Challenges – , I want you to know there is definitely hope. 

There are causes, and there ARE solutions to these personal budget challenges.
In my next article I’ll walk you through some of the common causes I see on a daily basis while working with my clients. I’ll show you how you really CAN change your frustrated mindset, your financial situation and your life. I’ve witnessed this financial transformation many times, and what a gift for all of us.

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Why Would You Know Anything About Money?


Client Testimonial

“I’ve learned how important it is to be much more conscious and mindful of my spending. I now think twice about spending. Actually, the spreadsheets are helping me become much more aware and changing my thinking. I now can clearly see the amount that remains to be spent in any one budgeted category during the month and have you and your spreadsheet exercises to thank for this milestone.”  Nabeel B  CA

Solve Your Personal Budget Challenges with Judy LawrenceI look forward to working with you and supporting you as you create your new life!
Wishing you much financial peace of mind.
Judy Lawrence, M.S. Ed.

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