The Benefits
Experience the Benefits of Creating
A Personal Spending Plan That Works

There are many benefits to finding the right solution for your particular learning style. This is especially true when it comes to finally getting a handle on your budgeting and personal spending in general.

Did you relate to one or more of the solutions suggested in the previous article?

In this fourth article I’m going to focus on the benefits of having learned how to create a personal spending plan that works.

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Over the years people have shared with me that, once they learned how to create a personal spending plan that works, their lives started to change in so many ways.  The following is just a small sample of those benefits:

  • Create a Personal Spending PlanOnce people became more aware and conscious of their mindsets and habits around spending, they noticed that their regular daily/monthly spending seemed to go down naturally every month with very little impact on their day to day lifestyle.

As one recent client put it
“  My food spending decreased by an average of 43% since I started the program. This decrease has been consistent since February. Since February, I have been spending less than I earn, whereas I was consistently behind before I started the program.

  • That added savings was used to reduce their debt and increase savings, one of their ongoing goals.
  • The mystery of “Where did all the money go?” was finally solved and money re-directed to where they wanted their money to go.
  • The ability to finally be proactive & anticipate unforeseen monthly/yearly periodic expenses, that would normally blow a budget, was a huge money saver and major relief.
  • New simplified systems using different tools (apps, software, Excel etc.) and services to handle bill pay, tracking, credit card payoff, savings, and budget planning streamlined their finances.
  • Create a Personal Spending Plan and Gain Some Peace of MindThere was a stronger sense of confidence and clarity over their personal finances. They felt more empowered, acknowledging that this was a whole new feeling when it came to money. Some called the experience of having a solid personal spending plan “very liberating!” and certainly not depriving.

As another recent client put it
“  The biggest impact is that I am now budgeting ahead of time, taking control of my spending, and my spending went way down. When I started by month end January, I was spending $920 more than I earned. 

  • Finally, the focus could shift to solid planning for the future – retirement, college, vacations.
  • Communication with their partners dramatically changed. With new knowledge, tools and confidence, at last there was honest, clear, focused discussions on financial decisions, goals and solutions. They were no longer being caught up in the usual undercurrent of repressed emotions around money.
  • And most significantly…there was a huge sense of financial peace of mind.

Wouldn’t you love to enjoy some or all of
those financial benefits in your own life?

Remember, with any new behavior or habit the keys to success include awareness, consistency and repetition. Sounds pretty mundane… actually rather boring, doesn’t it? Certainly nothing very glamorous.

But don’t let that fool you! Awareness, consistency and repetition are powerful actions when you want to create change in your life. 

If you are looking to enhance your results and want to enjoy those benefits – plus you know you definitely respond better with that live personal connection… please allow me to be your guide.

Learn More About My Coaching Programs

Consider these extra benefits with a whole new level of regular engagement and results, when you set up your coaching plan with me personally:

  • Let's See . . . Procrastinate or Create a Personal Spending Plan?You will benefit from my 30 years of experience, skills, and authentic, thoughtful caring.
  • During our initial 45 minutes, we’ll go over what you really want and want to change in your life to help you get closer to those “Big Picture Wants” in your life.
  • For some people, just getting to “start” is a huge benefit, or moving from procrastination to action. You don’t have to wait until all the circumstances are perfect with the right tools, and all the information in place – a perfect recipe for preventing you from taking action.There are too many competing events in today’s crazy lifestyles. My role is to get you focused and moving towards your real desire, using tiny steps in the beginning.
  • We’ll also review what tools you’ve used, what obstacles keep showing up, what mindsets or behaviors show up that seem to be blocking you from moving forward as well as those challenging personal/household situations that keep disrupting and affecting your finances.
  • For many, that first conversation can be just talking about a few tiny, simple steps you can actually manage to do right away to experience your first success. Mini successes often prime the pump and help you get past that wearisome inertia.
  • You’ll have my undivided attention. I really want you to reach your desired goal. Together we’ll come up with systems that are the best fit just for you. We’ll explore different apps, software tools or even basic manual approaches that better fit your style.
  • And of course I’ll guide you through the core concepts of “The Budget Kit 6th Ed.” to give you solid tools that will serve you for the rest of your life, regardless of financial circumstances or other tools used.

Read what one client, who uses other personal apps and systems, has to say about the “The Budget Kit” tools when used as part of the process:
“  By visiting your worksheets on a weekly basis, I am able to update and see my progress week by week, monthly and yearly. The worksheets are excellent tools and quite user friendly, especially when combined with your phone conversations and summary emails.  

Learn More About My Coaching Programs

  • Create a Personal Spending Plan.You’ll be benefiting from my value-added services. Even though it may seem like all you are getting is 20 minutes of phone time, my services are going way beyond that time. Here’s a sample of what’s going on in the background to make sure you are getting as much value as I can offer.
    • During our 20 minute call we’ll discuss your one pressing topic and come up with some action steps. I’ll be taking notes so you don’t have to.
    • You’ll receive an email after the call with Summary Highlights or Homework Lists of your action steps. Again, you won’t have to be distracted thinking you need to be taking notes for the different action steps you said you wanted to take.
    • Once you start working with your different worksheets, if this is an appropriate approach for you, I’ll be reviewing those worksheets, or whatever other materials you send me, ahead of time. I’ll then prepare for our upcoming call together.
    • If you tend to drag your feet, don’t worry, I’ll give you an email nudge here and there if I haven’t heard from you for a while.

And finally, I’ll be selfish and mention the benefit to me.

After so many years of providing my financial coaching experience and skills to a variety of clients and situations, I love hearing the shift and confidence in their voices and emails.

It truly brings me such satisfaction and joy to know I’m having a positive and significant impact on people’s financial lives. That’s my big dopamine hit. I want to be sure you have yours.

What if you could have an all-in-one coach,
accountability partner, counselor and Sherpa guide
at your side to help you get control of your
personal spending plan once and for all?

Learn More About My Coaching Programs

Create a Personal Spending Plan with Judy Lawrence
I look forward to working with you and supporting you as you create your new life!
Wishing you much financial peace of mind.
Judy Lawrence, M.S. Ed.

Create a Personal Spending Plan with Judy Lawrence