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In my 4-Article Series, you’ll learn about the problems many of you experience in dealing with money… and the benefits of arriving at a spending plan that works.


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1. The Problem
– Some of the Personal Budget Challenges You’re Facing.

2. The CauseSome of the Causes for Your Lack of Financial Knowledge.

3. The Solution Personal Finance Learning Solutions You Can Use Today.

4. The BenefitsExperience the Benefits of Creating A Personal Spending Plan That Works.


Judy’s Articles In Major Publications

Judy was invited by Dr. Laura to offer up the Tip of  the Week: “What would you do for more financial peace of mind these days?”

Gaining Financial Peace of Mind

“Follow these tips for more confidence, less stress, and more control over your financial life..”

Read the article at the Dr. Laura website…

Judy Lawrence on ShareCare.com                        wellness-logo
A Shared Project of Oprah and Dr. Oz.

Judy was invited by ShareCare.com and Wellness.com to offer up the question: “What if nature’s lessons could inspire how you manage your household budget?.”

What Can Nature Teach Us About Our Money?
“Next time you watch a nature show or take a walk in your local park, pay attention with new awareness.”
Read the article at the Wellness.com website…

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Judy was invited by eHarmony and Fox News Magazine
to offer some Advice for seeking financial compatibility.

Are You a Financial Fit for Each Other?
“Do you know where that special someone in your life stands when it comes to savings, planning, and overall financial awareness?”

Read Judy's article on GalTime.comNew!

Judy was invited by GalTime Magazine  to offer up some advise on the day to day management of our hectic lifestyles, and “Four Ways to Regain Control.”

Is ‘Life Overload’ Busting Your Budget?
“If you just make your choices out of convenience, what do these decisions ultimately cost you in terms of money, disappointment, frustration or time?”

The Chicago Tribune - Article by Terry Savage
Judy is featured in an article by Terry Savage for the Chicago Tribune.
5 Tools to Get Your Budget In Order
By Terry Savage
Budget is not a dirty word. And it’s important to remember that it is a verb as well as a noun — it doesn’t happen without your active participation!”

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