personal financial resourcesNow, with such an abundance of online information, the real skill is using effective searching techniques for finding the most helpful personal financial resources. The other skill is to be discerning about the accuracy, value and security of the websites and  information you do find and actually use.

It’s easy to spend endless hours doing a keyword search for “personal financial resources”. I recommend starting out with the Web sites listed in this Personal Financial Resources – Website List below. They all have a phenomenal amount of valuable information and have a primary focus or informative section on general basic money management. with topics covering, but not limited to:

Budgeting, Credit, Credit cards, Debt, Spending, Spending guidelines, Saving money, Basic Financial Planning, Money attitudes and Recovery issues

Many of these Web sites provide excellent articles, books, and online newsletters – often for free or discounted.

There are also now hundreds of convenient and well-designed calculators at various web sites for developing basic budgets, calculating debt payoff or savings and determining loan terms and total costs.

Other personal financial resources offer special debt management counseling and payment services. Be cautious as you explore these particular companies, even if they are listed as non-profit.

If this endless amount of information seems overwhelming, one way to narrow down your search efficiently, is by going to the larger portals, which are all-inclusive sites. A few of these large services like MSN, AOL Time Warner and Yahoo are marked with an asterisk. The Web site address provided in the list below should take you directly to the personal finance section and save you a few layers of searching.

If you do start on their “Home page”, search around for the buttons, words, or tabs that indicate titles like “Money”, “Budgets”, “Personal Finance”, “Family Finance”, “Planning”, “Consumer Credit or Debt”, “Education”” to get you started. You will often find a motherlode of articles archived by topic and/or author. Most of these articles are written and researched by some of the top financial authors and experts in the country..

Nearly every article and web site you view, will have a host of
additional related personal financial resources links to keep your search moving:


Helpful Resource Articles/Documents/Guides for Personal Finance

This first section is separate from the general Personal Finance Resources Websites List (below). I often receive and discover various interesting and helpful articles and materials with a specific focus that often don’t quite fit in the list of general Resource Websites. 

These budget-related resources provide greater depth on particular topics. See what might be of interest for you at this time. There is no particular order.  Many are sponsored by different companies, organizations, and non-profits.

The Gift of Financial Organization

Financial Literacy Handbook

The Power of Compound Interest: Guide & Calculator

9 Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill —

How Credit Cards Work

Finding Cheap Internet Service Provides

Rebuilding Financial Health During Recovery

A Guide to Financial Planning– Different Milestones of life (from UK)

Financial Literacy – A Guide to Personal Finances

Understanding your Cell Phone

Tools – Donna Skeels Cygan
“Becoming Mildred” addresses many of the potential upheavals women may face as we age, such as widowhood, divorce, illness, being in a sandwich generation of care-giving, and settling a parent’s estate.


Personal Financial Resources – Website list

American Savings Education Council

User-friendly educational materials on savings and achieving savings goals.

AOL Personal Finance Money 101

Avoiding Identity Theft (Federal Trade Commission)
This is one of the best consumer-friendly personal finance sites out there. Tons of Information on credit, mortgage, savings, loans, low rate credit cards, great calculators and much more.

Barbara Stanny on Women and Money

Better Budgeting

What’s the Difference Between Hard and Soft Credit Check?



Personal Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators
This Credit Union has a nice selection of consumer calculators for autos, homes and more.
This website provides a variety of free online calculators, such as financial and investments, mortgage and tax, salary and savings calculators.


College Resources for Personal Financial Information

has prepared a comprehensive guide and tips to show you every possible way to save money in college.

Student Loan Hero
They have a very informative free newsletter covering a variety of topics that help with loans, budgets, money management and more to help get a better handle on student loans.


Consumer Credit Counseling Services / Atlanta
A non-profit organization that provides free credit counseling and offers debt repayment plans for overextended consumers. They negotiate with creditors for reduced or eliminated interest charges. Telephone counseling available 7 days a week.
Credit Rights for consumers (Federal Trade Commission)
A free, independent comparison service for educating and empowering consumers. It brings together credit, real estate, and lending experts to provide straight answers about the financial world. Blog
Gerri Detweiler is the Director of Consumer Education at She focuses on helping people better understand credit, debt, budgeting and savings strategies.

Credit Card Insider – Resources on Business Credit Cards
Learn about responsible credit and how it can enhance your life now and in the future.

Credit Reports – Request your free annual credit report
14 Invaluable Habits: What to Do With Your Money

Donna M. Phelan
A guide to help educate women with their finances by creating a Sisters Club with stackable income streams to empower retirement security. The site offers a free book chapter from Women, Money and Prosperity.

The Dollar Stretcher: Living Better for Less

Family Resource Center

Federal Consumer Information Center

Financial Planning: Complete Guide to Personal Finance and financial success

Frugal Village

Financial Step – Comprehensive Financial Services Web Directory
This site provides a list of numerous web sites for a large variety of financial topics including, personal finance, mortgage, banking, and many more.

Genus Credit Management

Glossary of Tax Terms by Jackson Hewitt 

Going Debt Free

Good Advice Press
The Good Advice Press folks, who wrote Invest in Your Self: Six Secrets To a Rich Life, help people get out of debt, save money, and live better on less. Find out how with the valuable resources, articles, and virtual university available at their site.

Homeowners Insurance
Interactive map to hover over states for the best rates in each.
Three scoring systems that compare the best companies.
Options for bundling coverage and answers for common homeowners FAQs.

Household Budget Management

Institute of Consumer Financial Education

Junk Mail Removal
To remove your name from junk mailing lists review or call 1–888–5OPTOUT (1–888–567–8688)

Kiplinger online
Business forecasts and personal financial advice.

Mary Hunt’s Debt Proof Living

Miserly Moms

The Modest Wallet
This is a newer player in the personal finance space that I’ve discovered. I love their transparency. Their mission statements says it all: Our mission is to simplify personal finance and share actionable content to help you make smarter financial decisions, worry less about money and spend more time doing the things you love.

Money Management by Mail
Helps people in debt regain financial control and reduce the stress brought on by out-of-control bills. MMI negotiates with creditors to reduce finance charges, late fees and lower monthly payments. Web site offers budget calculator, debt management, consumer education and financial counseling.

Money Whiz Family Finances
Comprehensive web site loaded with consumer finance information and advice. Included are chats (Judy Lawrence is an occasional guest,) money make-overs, newsletter, message boards, calculators, and much more.

Mvelopes Personal Spending System
A revolutionary personal Online Budgeting and Bill Paying system that automatically tracks spending and calculates remaining balances for each category. Manages all credit card charges, debits, checks, cash, bills and savings in one easy system. is the U.S. government’s website dedicated to teaching all Americans the basics about financial education. Whether you are planning to buy a home, balancing your checkbook, or investing in your 401k, the resources can help you do it better. You will find important information from 20 federal agencies government wide. Nonprofit Financial Help

National Center for Financial Education
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people plan for their financial future.

National Foundation for Consumer Credit
A network of non-profit community organizations providing consumer credit education and more.

This well-known pioneer in personal finance software provides money management solutions for individuals and small businesses through a variety of helpful software products and web site features.

Spend on Life

Taxes — Multiple Topics
Includes: common tax terms, tax form library, & personal finance tips and tricks.

**Yahoo! Finance Education Center: Managing Debt

YOUNG MONEY Magazine-Your Life, Right Now

Personal Financial Resources for Senior Citizens
Complied by Brian Boyd of Elderspace

How to Have a Comfortable Retirement on Social Security Alone

7 Social Security Facts that May Boost Your Benefits

A Beginner’s Guide to Medicaid

How to Purchase a Home in Retirement

Tax Tips for Seniors

Life Insurance for Seniors Over 65 Years Old

Will My Insurance Cover a Retirement Home or Assisted Living?

When Will Medicaid Pay for a Nursing Home or Assisted Living?

Senior Investments: What Are the Best Investments for Retirement?



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