Episode Summary

Dr. Jane Bluestein talks with financial coach and counselor Judy Lawrence to explore some of the issues and challenges related to promoting financial responsibility and money management skills in children. This program offers practical ideas for helping kids of all ages learn to appreciate and manage money, exploring issues such as planning and saving, allowance, financial responsibility and modeling, and issues such as parental modeling, upbringing, and personal attitudes and history with money and finances that can challenge adults to have positive, consistent practices and behaviors related to money and their children.

Listen: http://janebluestein.com/2012/teaching-money-management-to-children-with-judy-lawrence/

Program Notes

Click here for a PDF handout with highlights, comments, and tips from the show along with a list of resources related to this topic. This document also includes a free article by Judy Lawrence, “5 Tips for Raising Fiscally Sound Children.”

Judy Lawrence, M.S.Ed., judy@moneytracker.com, 505-554-2638

Judy Lawrence is a Financial Coach with a Masters degree in Counseling. Her book, The Budget Kit: Common Cents Money Management Workbook, has sold over 425,000 copies and has been in print for three decades. She has appeared on CNBC, Style Network, many news networks and more. Her down-to-earth style through her books, coaching and seminars has helped thousands of couples, individuals and small business owners nationwide get out of debt, gain financial control, create a solid, workable financial program and develop a healthy relationship with money, ultimately guiding people towards more financial peace of mind.

Check it out: http://janebluestein.com/2012/teaching-money-management-to-children-with-judy-lawrence/