What Others Have to Say About
Money Tracker and Judy Lawrence

“The Budget Kit is one tool that is a marvelous book. It’s been successful for three decades showing that Judy knows her stuff and is well respected.”
– George Chamberlin, Money Advisor for NBC, host of “Money Matters” KOBO Radio, San Diego

“As you know, I am not a big believer in budgets. However, Judy teaches the process of budgeting the right way by including everything in the process that is needed to be successful.”
– Bob Brooks, host of the Prudent Money 91.3 FM Radio Show,Dallas/Fort Worth, www.prudentmoney.com

“Judy Lawrence’s updated Budget Kit is the perfect tool you need to get and keep control of your personal finances, now even more so in the age of electronic money”.
– Jordan E. Goodman, Author of Everyone’s Money Book

“Based on her own experience on how to set up a personal budget, backed by a masters degree in guidance and counseling, Judy Lawrence shares her insights on how a workable, easy to understand budget system can be set and maintained with high efficiency and minimal effort. I enjoyed speaking with Judy. She’s very knowledgeable and well versed on the topic of basic money management, and her book loaded with very helpful worksheets, is incredibly user friendly. Her system feels very “natural” and I think is one of the best money managements systems I have ever come across. I use it myself and I love it.”
– Tim McCarthy, Host – Living in Success Radio

“I recommend this book very highly.  Your Budget Kit is so good. It’s not rocket science.  It’s extremely simple.”
– Art Framke, WMCU, Miami FL – Host – Money Sense

“This is a do-it-yourself book, with plenty of space to keep your monthly records…And you don’t have to be a financial expert to start using this friendly book.”
Chicago Sun Times

“The Budget Kit” is a “must” for anyone with an income however small or large. If your personal budget is deluged with red ink, “The Budget Kit” will help you to get it straightened out.  If your budget is comfortable, “The Budget Kit” will help you maximize your finances.  “The Budget Kit” is a painless and foolproof method for financial well being.
– Jean Dean, WRVC Radio- Host -Viewpoint with Jean Dean

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